Best GitHub repos to learn Programming [UPDATED]

Best GitHub repos to learn Programming [UPDATED]


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Sometimes knowing exactly what you should learn can be a daunting task, in this article I will provide the best GitHub repos to help you with your programming journey i will keep this article updated continuously

Roadmap SH

Image description is a community effort to create roadmaps, guides and other educational content to help guide the developers in picking up the path and guide their learnings.

30 Seconds Of Code

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It is a place to aggregate code snippets to help you solve common problems encountered in the process of implementing code into your project. It supports popular languages like React, Node.js, Git, CSS, Python and especially JavaScript algorithms, implemented JavaScript ES6, tutorials and examples for common data structures used in JavaScript.

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide

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This is a GitHub page that summarizes the best ways to write JavaScript code through real-world examples.

The Algorithm

Image description It is one of the best GitHub repositories for learning data structures and algorithms using different languages. Data Structures must be known for every computer science student. Whether you are a python developer, Java developer, Go developer, or some old-school C++ developer, there is something for everyone in this repository that you should learn. All the algorithms and data structures present here are explained very easily. They also have a website for easy access to all the code.

Spellbook of Modern Web Dev

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It is a collection of learning resources (such as articles, books, etc.) useful for web developers.

33 JavaScript Concepts

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Summary of detailed articles to help programmers master JavaScript concepts.

JS IQ Image description one of the best interview preparation kit for , javascript , react n angular

Project Guidelines

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This is a GitHub page for tutorials and essentials when you start a website development project.

Front-end Developer Interview Questions

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A place to collect common questions in the front-end interview process. (You will have to find the answer yourself.)

Clean Code JavaScript

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It synthesizes the author’s coding experience in the process of working with the JavaScript programming language. It helps us learn to write code that is easy to understand, can be easily reused, increases the efficiency of the code…


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DevDocs is a collection of almost complete documents for today’s popular programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, React, Vue.js.

Every Programmer Should Know

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A place to synthesize technical knowledge that a programmer should know.

Tech Interview Handbook

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Tech Interview Handbook is a website that summarizes interview experiences for developers such as how to write a CV, introduce yourself, frequently asked questions in an interview and popular algorithms and techniques in programming.

Grab Front End Guide

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This page will help frontend beginners understand the basic concepts as well as what tools and libraries to use for web projects through the practical handling experience of Grab’s engineering team.

Learn Git Branching

Image description A place to help you learn Git through tutorials and visual examples.

Vanilla Web Projects

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A place to help you practice pure javascript code in website development through more than 20 completely free projects.

Free Programming Books

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In my opinion, this is a website that gathers almost all of the free courses and programming books for programmers today. The point I like the most here is that it is divided into many different languages so that we can easily choose the right document. In addition to reading documents, it also provides you with other formats such as podcast, video, coding programs.

Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet

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This page is a cheatsheet for JavaScript that helps you solve frequently encountered problems in building projects.

The Front-End Checklist

Image description The Front-End Checklist is a list of all the elements that you need to have before your website goes into production.

Front-End Performance Checklist

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Front-End Performance Checklist is a collection of knowledge and examples to help your website load faster and more optimally.


Image description Awesome is an almost complete collection of books, tools, libraries, etc. for today’s popular programming languages and topics.

Design Resources For Developers

Image description Design Resources For Developers is a collection of design tools for programmers in the process of website development such as choosing colors, fonts, free templates, CSS framework.

System Design Primer

Image description It is a GitHub tutorial page that helps you learn how to design, optimize and easily extend for large systems.

JavaScript Algorithms And Data Structures

Image description JavaScript Algorithms And Data Structures is home to a full collection of real-world examples of popular algorithms and data structures.

CSS Protips

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CSS Protips is a place that specializes in synthesizing knowledge to help you optimize CSS in website design.

Awesome Web Development Resources

Awesome Web Development Resources is an aggregator of free programming resources for developers.

JavaScript Questions

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This website collects questions for the JavaScript programming language from basic to advanced. What I like most about it is that it has answers and detailed instructions for each question. It is also translated into many different languages.

Summary I hope the article will provide you with free places to learn programming for web development and design, and if you have any questions, just send an email; I will respond as soon as possible. I hope you continue to support the site so that I can write more good articles. Have a nice day!